Freestyle (FreeG)

You leap across a huge drop like it isn’t there, sprint up a vertical wall, then execute an epic back flip off the top. Are you showing off? Yeah, maybe a little. But isn’t that the whole point

FreeG is about total freedom. Combining elements from martial arts and stunt performance as well as gymnastics, there are no rules or competitions. You learn the tricks you want to learn, pick the lines you want to pick, and express yourself how you want.

FreeG is surprisingly easy to get into. And once you’re hooked, it’s almost impossible to stop. You’ll start by getting to grips with some of the basic techniques and jumps. Then it’s over to you. Get creative,set up the walls how you want, and challenge your mates to perform increasingly amazing tricks. We run sessions for all ages from adult to eight years old.There are no competitions in FreeG. But if you want to test yourself against others, you can transfer your skills to other more competitive types like acrobatic gymnastics, TeamGym or tumbling. Or hone your skils and enter the international Free Running competitions.